Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Glorious warm sunshine today so I was able to wear a vintage sleeveless shift dress which I was about to pack away for winter.

Todays frock rock is in honour of the 1920s Charleston dress Annie Lennox " Keep Young and Beautiful"

What I can't do without is my monthly subscription to my favourite magazine

What I can do without is it always being a month ahead ie I'm now reading the November edition and its not yet October...Why?

Todays sexy dish is Chicken with a saffron sauce courtesy of the newly opened farm shop


  1. Talking of vintage like a fine wine you keep getting better ........finding myself humming charleston charleston .......you see the Bad influence you have !!!

  2. I love that dress, really suits you, pity to put it away for the winter yet, they say that we are going to have lots of sunny and warm weather??

  3. Another lovely dress and matching shoes looks amazing with your beautiful hair hope it stays sunny so you keep wearing these lovely dresses x