Saturday, 24 September 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Four mile walk with the dogs to the park . I'm wearing a Mulberry coat , Bru and Ol promenaded in matching his and hers bandanas . Tonight I changed into a Quiz pink dress for dinner , although I would rather of had a Radox bath and pyjamas as exhausted from my walk

Todays frock rock is Baha Men " who let the dogs out"

What I can't do without is a Radox bath

What I can do without is my dogs misbehaving in public !

Tonights sexy dish is sea bass (posing as plaice as I bought the wrong fish ) cooked in pesto with Italian vegetables and a welcome bottle of wine.


  1. Beautiful dogs , beautiful woman , beautiful day...........

  2. A lovely autumm scene with sensible cloths, love the dogs.

  3. A radox bath is soooooooooo relaxing ! naughty dogs lol they look lovely but their owner looks just yummy yummy yummy ! love the pink outfit and matching heels x