Friday, 30 September 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

At my friend's recent birthday bash , and after a glass or two of wine we came up with the idea of doing a 'come dine with me' type event each , oh dear !!!! . My turn is iminent ,so have spent the day (whilst sunbathing) thinking of menus that A ...I can do and B ...that will impress. After much thought I I have decided to sneak a chef in I know and hope they don't notice !

Today I'm wearing a shift dress which I bought from a gorgeous little boutique in Milan.

Todays frock rock is Donna Summer " Dinner with Gershwin"

What I can't do without are mad mad friends

What I can do without is endless junk phone calls (I'm sure I am not alone here)

Todays sexy dish is home cooked Cod Mornay


  1. One of the best dresses we have yet seen, white, no decoration, completely simple, what an effect???

  2. So why wasn't this a shot from breakfast at Tiffany's,.......gorgeous

  3. Junk phone calls are a nightmare always ring when you are busy !......Another great outfit sue you must spend all your free time shopping lol looking just scrummy ! x