Sunday, 2 October 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Lovely lazy Sunday today (after the two mile dog walk that is !) Caught up on all my books and papers . I'm wearing a Pepper Tree floral dress , perfect for lounging around in.

Todays frock rock is Maroon 5 " Sunday morning"

What I can't do without are my sundays papers and breakfast in bed

What I can do without is the phone ringing before 9am!

Todays sexy dish is chicken in white wine and saffron sauce


  1. This is so Ibiza so cool so my thing........pours jug of cold water over myself

  2. Very colorful, very beach, very you?? like it though...

  3. Sunday paers and breakfast in bed is so relaxing the dress and shoes shows of your lovely legs beautifully ! x