Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

What I wore today was an ASOS dress for a photo shoot with a photographer whose over from the USA.

Todays frock rock is for my photographer friend, Bruce Springsteen " Born In The USA"

Style Secrets

Crowning Glory

I'm thinking hair today ! A source of worry and anxiety for many men ( welcome to our world boys) ok. Ok I know you can't all have hair like Ronny Wood , in fact all the stones put together . The thing is it either goes grey --or it just well , goes!Try not to panic you can still look sexy , just remember if you were once hirsute and now have hair that's gone AWOL then have a sprucely close crop . Think Bruce Willis . For hair that's gone grey please please avoid colouring ( orange is not a good look) just go for a George Clooney silver fox style ---well it works for him doesn't it !!


  1. Springsteen also sang ' you can lift me up' and your pictures certainly are fantastic..... Getting better and better

  2. You are a photographers dream always look stunning and beautiful ! wow sue you look very yummy ! x x