Sunday, 16 October 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Had some friends around for Sunday lunch today , which was great fun. lots of conversation and catching up . One even tried to explain to me why the Welsh Rugby captain was sent off. Although , thankfully I'm glad he didn't offer to demonstrate.
I'm wearing a Jane Norman black and white dress .

Todays frock rock is Tom Jones " You can Keep Your Hat On "

Style Secrets

The Finer Detail

Stylish accessories can absolutely make an outfit , so why oh why do I see men when shopping for for their winter extras buy a hat that simply goes with nothing , scarves like Noddy might have worn and a pair of bright gloves ideal for maybe golf . Get yourself a pair of leather gloves , black or brown are a safe bet , a black patterned scarf and if your into your hats , then a trilby looks great . Be bold, don't be afraid to make a statement . Start to create an accessorries drawer so you can match any outfit .....oh and the Dr Who scarf of many colours , well wrap that around the snowman .


  1. Looking back at your outfits for the last week,they are very seasonal, very warm looking and sensible.
    You really do have an extensive, and varied wardrobe. I also like the added "chat" that you now
    have each day.

  2. Wow this photo would look lovely as a signed pic fabulous photo love your long hair and red nairvarnish ! x