Thursday, 13 October 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Today I wore a Next silk dress and a denim jacket by Philosophy and had afternoon tea and cakes in Bakewell , fortunately I have a Pilates class this evening to work off the calories !

Todays frock rock is Billy Idol " Eyes without a face"

Style Secrets

Age Shall Not Wither Him

It's all about anti ageing these days , not a week goes by without some wonder product or other claiming to turn back the clock..if only !!

I have to say though speaking as one whose dressing table is buckling under the weight of various lotions and potions, there is some pretty good stuff out there , and it doesn't have to be eye wateringly expensive . Take serums for instance , yes men should use them ! Well both Nivea and Aldi do an excellent budget range of products . At the other end of the scale , and it really is at the top end , Sisley ecological compound is the ultimate indulgence , at £129 for 125ml please use it sparingly !!!

Traditionally moisturisers and serums have been the domain of us girls but a massive share of the beauty product market is now aimed at you guys and why not.....


  1. Lotions and potions ? Noooooo you just get better with age like a great wine

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  3. Really lovely !

    But I know for a fact you wore something else as well yesterday ! Lol.

    Carl x