Monday, 10 October 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Today I'm wearing a woollen tunic and scarf both by Logo. A keep fit day today , lots of swimming and walking aren't I good ! Have been spending some time with my male fashionista friend ( or whatever it is he calls himself ) browsing the male fashion world .

todays frock rock is David Bowie " Fashion"

Style Secrets

Signature Scent

Every man should have one, but not the sort that makes your eyes water or knocks you ten paces back as he passes by. For centuries scents have been used to attract the opposite sex and to create an aura of sophistication and cool. For me a scent should be understated but memorable.Top of my list has to be Barfly by Scotch and Soda followed by Acgua di Parma , which embodies a bygone age and was apparently a favourite of Cary Grant.....


  1. Yeah I remember stood at a bar and this huge essence of I've just thrown the whole bottle of something I picked up up in Ibiza over my head knocked me out....I'm like..I hope they don't think that's me......BarFly is amazing Sue and so is Givenchy .....great new blog idea

  2. Keep fit sue you look amazing .....your lucky male friend wish it was me love the outfit and boots ! beautiful x x