Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What Suzy Wore Today

Today for a drive into the country and tea and a huge slice of cake !! I wore a Kalico jacket with a fake fur wrap .

Todays frock rock is The Sensational Alex Harvey band " Boston Tea party"

Style Secrets

What The Blazes

The blazer , used to conjure up images of grey flannels the old school tie and and garden party . Thankfully no longer. The perfect combo of Blazer and jeans matched with a tea shirt or a cotton sweater looks great. Certainly forget polishing those buttons , blazers no longer have to be traditional blue and available in all colours and fittings. Try the relaxed fit , and be bold try a variety of textures.....the main thing is wear it to suit your style and not to fit in at the club !


  1. Fantastic. , could have come straight out of a glossy mag

  2. Love both the outfits sue you look beautiful in both the pics are you waiting for me in the 2nd one lol lovely boots ! xx